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posted by  Nurgle, September 20, 2010 @ 08:30 PM


The Breathtaking Original!

It's really hard to describe this beautiful masterpiece in few words. Its lightweight construction has been combined with comprehensive ergonomics and premium design to set new standard for sensitivity matters.

The ultra-thin blank is manufactured from high-grade carbon and is the best of its kind. Several separate layers of 50 tons High-Modulus carbon are wrapped around a solid 30 tons Graphite core. This guarantees that each rod achieves a superior combination of lightness, durability and power.

Originally built for medium to light rated vertical angling purposes it appeared that this blank is not limited to this application only. Regardless of whether you apply a jig, crankbait, topwater or bottom lure, this blank has an outstanding performance.

The incredibly sensitive tip will give you the confidence to detect subtle bites and provide you with solid hooksets without losing control of your lure presentation. The Minima seat is up to 30% lighter than conventional reel seats and puts you in direct contact with the rod blank for maximum sensitivity.

Don't be unsettled by the delicate design: This lily is not just an ordinary weapon, it's a tough SWORD!


Link: - Custom Made Vertikale
Link: - Shobu Spinning Edition